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AURA is a Canadian charitable organization assisting in the sponsorship and resettlement of refugees. We represent the Anglican Diocese of Toronto and support the Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 

  • "I urge you to celebrate the extraordinary courage and contributions of refugees past and present." ~Kofi Annan
  • "A lasting solution, the possibility to begin a new life, is the only dignified solution for the refugee himself." ~Poul Hartling
  • “While every refugee's story is different and their anguish personal, they all share a common thread of uncommon courage: the courage not only to survive, but to persevere and rebuild their shattered lives." ~Antonio Guterres

Learn About Refugees and Refugee Sponsorship

Since the arrival of thousands of "Boat People" fleeing the turmoil of Southeast Asia, over 200,000 refugees have been assisted to resettle in Canada. AURA has been involved with refugee support since 1985 and you too can make the difference in the lives of refugees.
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Are you a Refugee or a Canadian Relative of a Refugee?

Depending on your situation AURA can simply offer advice or provide an avenue to the refugee sponsorship program. It is important to know that refugee sponsorship is a complicated process with generally long processing times. AURA is unable to guarantee a refugee sponsorship to everyone.
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Are you a Refugee Sponsor or do you want to become a Refugee Sponsor?

AURA relies on the support, expertise and heart of our refugee sponsors. When we work together we can make a difference in the lives of refugees from around the world. Without the generous contributions from people like you, we would simply not be able to help so many refugees.
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We Are Passionate About Community

AURA works within the community to educate community groups and the general public in relation to refugee issues. AURA holds presentations, workshops, and seminars on an ongoing basis to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive information.

AURA’s Outreach Initiatives includes everything from large group speaking engagements, subject specific information sessions, confidential one-on-one informal counselling sessions, professional consultation, and public education campaigns.

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