AURA Workshops
AURA has developed a series of workshops that train and develop sponsoring groups in the myriad of subject areas that are needed for successful refugee sponsorships. AURA’s workshops are designed to suit the diverse needs of each Refugee Sponsoring Group.

Information Session for Refugee Sponsorship
With over 65 million displaced people and over 25 million refugees around the world right now, many Canadians are directly getting involved in order to help. AURA represents the Anglican Diocese of Toronto and supports Region 10 of the United Church of Canada. AURA facilities the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) by working with a coalition of parishes and churches to help refugees.

The AURA Information Session for Refugee Sponsorship introduces anyone to refugee sponsorship and answers the following questions:
•Who Are Refugees?
•What is Refugee Sponsorship?
•What are refugee sponsors responsible for?
•How do you form a refugee sponsoring group with AURA?
•How do you request a refugee case from AURA?

Refugee Sponsorship Training Workshops
AURA offers refugee sponsorship training workshops that allow sponsors to fully understand their responsibilities, gives sponsors tools to develop and successfully carry out refugee sponsorships. These workshops can be scheduled at AURA (limited mobility accessibility), at your Parish or Church, or another location that is convenient for your group.

AURA Refugee Sponsorship Training Workshops cover the following topics:
•Review of refugee sponsorship through AURA
•Refugee sponsorship goals
•Responsibilities, both of AURA and refugee sponsors
•Settlement Planning and the creation of a settlement plan
•Sponsorship tips

To request an AURA workshop please phone the AURA office (416) 588-1612 or contact the AURA office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..