Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)
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Resettled refugees arrive to Canada as permanent residents and are immediately eligible to apply for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). There is normally a three-month waiting period for new residents, however, all privately sponsored refugees are exempt from this rule.

Resettled refugees receive the same OHIP as all other Canadian permanent residents and citizens.

OHIP pays for most emergency and basic medical services. OHIP does not pay for:
• Some alternative medicine (such as naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractors, or massage therapy).
• Services that are not medically necessary, like cosmetic surgery.
• Prescription medication or drugs.
• Dental care at a dentist’s office.
• Ambulance services.

How to Apply:
• Apply in person at a ServiceOntario Centre with a completed registration form and all necessary original documents.
• Coverage begins once the application is approved at ServiceOntario, and a temporary paper document will be provided for use until the Health Card is received in the mail.

• The application form is called “Registration for Ontario Health Coverage” (form 0265-82). Available online at the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care website.

Required Documents:
Applicants need to show a document proving their:
1. Immigration Status:
Use Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document, received at the airport upon arrival.
2. Residency:
Use Lease/Rental Agreement. If permanent housing is not yet secured, create a ‘Rental/Lease Agreement’ which includes the complete address, names of family members and dates. Include the contact information and signatures of the owner(s) and adult ‘renter(s)’.
3. Identity:
Use passport or travel/single journey document with signature.
If newcomers do not have passports or signed travel documents, contact AURA.

If you experience problems at a ServiceOntario related to access, documentation or clients being mistakenly denied, ask to speak with a supervisor.

Supporting Documents:
• It is sometimes difficult for resettled refugees to produce all the documents ServiceOntario wants to see.
• Government-run ServiceOntario Centres have the ability to use discretion in accepting documents. Private ServiceOntario Centres do not. If you are lacking documents or have to use the same document twice, make sure you go to a government-run office (in Toronto there are only two – 777 Bay St. and 47 Sheppard Ave. E.).
• Although they cannot be accepted directly, bank statements, debit cards, library cards, and letters received by mail can help support the documents presented.
• Sponsors may have to explain and advocate on the applicant’s behalf. If you have problems, ask to speak with a supervisor.
• The legislation corresponding to the 3-month wait period can be found in regulation 552 of Ontario’s Health Insurance Act (6.2 and 6.3) available online at Ontario e-Laws: http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/ohip/
• Use this link to find services: ServiceOntario Office Locator