History of AURA
AURA’s main program is the promotion, management, and facilitation of the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program. PSR brings thousands of the neediest refugees to Canada from around the world. AURA’s sponsorship program works closely with groups of refugee sponsors to assess, develop, monitor and support refugees during their sponsorship.

A refugee sponsoring group is responsible for the following:
• Formally creating a sponsoring group.
• Raising enough funds to support the newcomers for their first year in Canada or until they are self-supporting, whichever comes first.
• Developing a settlement plan that outlines how the group will help the newcomer with: finding permanent housing, learning English, finding employment, making connections within the community, accessing services, and learning about Canadian culture.
• Providing emotional support and Canadian experience for the refugee newcomers throughout the sponsorship.

AURA is here to support your efforts during the entire process of refugee sponsorship. AURA will help you:
• Form your refugee sponsoring group and ensure you are compliant with all regulations.
• Support your fundraising efforts.
• Train your group to develop an effective settlement.
• Trouble shoot any issues as they come up through the sponsorship

You can start the process of becoming a refugee sponsor with AURA by following these steps:

1. Contact AURA to express your interest in becoming refugee sponsors. This is best accomplished by phoning the AURA office (416-588-1612).

2. AURA will then set up an initial consult to discuss topics such as:
Refugee sponsorship program
What it means to be a refugee sponsor
The process of becoming a refugee sponsor
How AURA will support your refugee work

3. After this initial consultation the group can decide if they want to continue the next steps in becoming a refugee sponsor with AURA.

You can download our factsheet Refugee Sponsorship: An Overview here.