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In order for AURA to continue our vital refugee work, we rely on generous donations from people who support helping refugees in Canada. You can make a difference in a refugee’s life today.

Your generosity has been a big part of this story. But did you realize that every dollar you gave helped to unlock an additional $8 dollars that directly supports refugees?

How is this possible? To sponsor a family of four, private refugee sponsors must raise about $40,000. AURA’s expenses to enable a family of four to come to Canada are about $5,000. Talk about a return on investment!

Your donation, along with contributions from other generous donors, fuels AURA’s efforts to empower sponsoring communities. We do this by providing volunteer groups with comprehensive training that helps them develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to effectively support and resettle newcomers.

Online Donation:
You can also make a secure and tax-deductible donation online to AURA:

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Monthly Giving:
Would you like your gift to have an even greater impact? We have recently launched a monthly giving program that makes it easy to support AURA with a regular payment directly from your chequing account. Whether through your chequing account or a gift using your credit card, monthly donations help to ensure a steady stream of support throughout the year, which assists our Board in planning for the future. To give directly from your chequing account, simply provide AURA with a void cheque and let us know how much you would like to donate every month. You can also change the amount or stop the giving at any time.

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