Ontario Photo Card
When applying for OHIP at Service Ontario it might be a good idea to apply for an Ontario Photo Card at the same time. The Ontario Photo Card is a government-issued identification that permanent residents and citizens may use if they do not have a driver’s license. By having an Ontario Photo Card the newcomer(s) don’t need to carry their Permanent Resident card with them and can keep it safely at home instead. A person cannot have an Ontario driver’s license and an Ontario Photo Card at the same time. This is an official identification card and can be used as valid proof of identification in day-to-day business transactions.

This card can be applied for at Service Ontario and the applicant must bring:
• An original identity document to prove their legal name, date of birth and signature.
Acceptable identity documents can be found here.
• A marriage certificate if the person applying are doing so under their married name

The photo card costs $35 and delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

The Ontario Photo Card cannot be used as travel documentation.

The Photo Card needs to be renewed every five years at a Service Ontario centre.

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