Social Insurance Number
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The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada and access government programs/benefits.

Social Insurance Numbers are given to newcomers in the form of one paper document (confirmation of SIN letter) per person, in a sealed envelope. Production of the plastic SIN cards ended in 2014.

Make sure you explain the importance of the SIN, why they have it, when they will need to share it, and when not to share it. It is their responsibility to protect their SIN.

How to Apply
Depending on the time of arrival, newcomers may receive their SIN at the airport as they go through Immigration. If they do not, an application for a SIN needs to be done in person at a Service Canada Centre. If the newcomers do not receive their SIN at the airport, they must apply at a Service Canada office.

Find a Service Canada Centre by clicking here.

Forms: It is not necessary to complete a form if you are applying in-person at a Service Canada point of service.

Primary Document: Applicants will need to provide one of the following original, official documents that prove their status in Canada: (photocopies are not accepted)
•Confirmation of Permanent Residence AND visa counterfoil
•Confirmation of Permanent Residence AND foreign passport

Supporting Documents: If the name on the primary document is different from the name the newcomer uses, they will need to provide supporting legal documentation for the correct name. All documents must be in English or French, or have official translations.

Supporting documents may be:
•Marriage Certificate to support family name after marriage.
•Legal change-of-name certificate
•Request to Amend Record of Landing issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and used to amend a Record of Landing or a Confirmation of Permanent Residence document.

For more information:
Visit the Service Canada Website
Or you can phone Service Canada: 1 800-622-6232

1. There is no fee to apply for a SIN.
2. It is very important that a member of the sponsor group accompany the newcomer(s) to the nearest Service Canada office.
3. Parents can apply on behalf of their children under 18 with the child’s documents, and must apply for children under 12. Children aged 12-18 can apply on their own.
4. Sponsors must relay the importance of documents, the cost/difficulty in replacing them. Suggest making copies of certain documents for their records.

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