Financial Support
Information for AURA Sponsors

You are required to provide enough financial support to reasonably meet the needs of the newcomer(s) you sponsor. They must receive enough money and in-kind donations to cover their initial costs, housing, basic needs, transportation and communication for one year.

We cannot tell you exactly how much a sponsorship will cost, as every sponsored newcomer is unique. Each group must go through the process of planning a budget based on real living expenses and available donations.

There is a minimum financial obligation that all sponsors groups are contractually obliged to provide. These amounts are determined by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and based on social assistance rates.

Additional Costs: AURA sponsors are required to repay the travel loan issued to newcomers, and cover reasonable important expenses such as dental needs and emergencies. In situations where a family’s practical needs exceed the minimum financial obligation of sponsors (which is usually the case!) sponsors must be prepared to provide additional support to ensure a reasonable living standard is provided. This must be balanced with supporting self-sufficiency and avoiding a difficult post sponsorship transition – not an easy task!

Financial Support – Highlights:
•Family composition is important when calculating minimum monthly financial support: If there are children over 18 years of age, they must receive their own money every month for basic needs, transportation and communication EVEN IF THEY ARE DEPENDENTS RESIDING WITH THE REST OF THE FAMILY.

•Start-up costs can be reduced by in-kind donations (furniture, clothing, even housing). However, some items must be new (e.g. mattresses, underwear, footwear).

•The minimum financial support requirements are in place to ensure newcomers have agency and financial independence. Therefore, sponsors will never be able to provide ALL sponsorship support in-kind (even in situations where family members are supporting newcomers directly).

Section 1: Minimum Financial Support
Section 2: Cost of Sponsorship
Section 3: Sponsorship Budget
Section 4: AURA Info sheets on Finances
Section 5: IRCC’s FAQ’s on Financial Obligations

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