Sponsorship Budget
Each group must draft a budget and submit a copy to AURA before the sponsorship starts. As your Sponsorship Agreement Holder, we are required to review it and keep a copy.

You have 3 options:
1- Simple Budget (Microsoft Word) Click here to download
2- Detailed Budget (Microsoft Excel) Click here to download
3- Create your own

Budgeting Considerations:
• Sponsorship is a contractual obligation that calls for reasonable financial support.

• Sponsor Groups MUST provide monthly payments equivalent to or greater than Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) Rates.

• RAP Rates are based on family composition and are available on the AURA website.

• At the same time, you must have enough funds to provide reasonable support over and above the RAP minimum. This includes repayment of the travel loan, emergencies, and dental costs.

• Be careful not to provide too much financial support that will set newcomers up for a difficult post-sponsorship transition (this is challenging!).

• Avoid surprises: newcomers should know how much money they will get throughout the year, and when.

• Families with children will receive Canada Child Benefit Payments. CCB cannot be counted as sponsor support. Applications can take a few months to process and the first payment will be retroactive.

• BVORs: Newcomers sponsored through the BVOR program will receive 6 months of financial support from RAP. Sponsors often top up these payments.

• The financial structures you develop will depend on the financial literacy and experience of the people/person you sponsor – every case is different.

•In-Kind Support: Much support can be provided in-kind, including furniture and clothing – and this can reduce the overall cost of your sponsorship. Some items cannot be provided used, eg. Mattresses, open food items, footwear, personal clothing. Regardless of how many donations your group can get, newcomers MUST be provided with funds so they can buy some things new.



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