Sponsorship Costs
We can never tell you exactly how much a sponsorship will cost, because AURA sponsors must provide enough to meet the basic needs of the family/individual they sponsor. Sometimes there are needs that are unknown until after someone arrives.

In the table below you will find various costs based on family composition:
sponsorship costs

Required Prior to Submission:
Before AURA can submit a sponsorship application to the Government of Canada, the sponsoring parish is required to have this amount of money set aside. This amount represents the liability that an Anglican parish incurs when an application is submitted. The amounts are based on the Resettlement Assistance Program Rates.

For a breakdown of the RAP rates, click here

The funds must be segregated/restricted in the parish’s accounting records and tracked separately from operational funds. AURA and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto must confirm with the Church Wardens that these funds are in place.

Government Cost Table:
The government of Canada provides a cost table, which can be used as an estimate. Like the RAP Rates, these are based on social assistance and tend to be lower than what is really needed to reasonably provide one year of support.

For a breakdown of the Government Cost Table, click here

AURA Approximate Total Cost:
This is what we suggest you undertake to have in place to cover a full year sponsorship.
BVORs: Note that for sponsorships through the Blended Visa Office Referred program, the amount required prior to submission is 50% of what is shown in column 1 because 6 months of financial support is available through the government.

AURA sponsors must have enough resources to provide those they sponsor with reasonable support for 12 months. This goes beyond providing just the minimum and must include the cost of the travel loan, possible dental dare and other emergencies.

Create a Budget:
If you want to get a better sense of how much your sponsorship will cost, complete a budget

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