Exercises to be done Individually or in a Group
1. Discussion Questions- Description: This activity provides discussion questions, for your group or individual consideration, around some topics raised in these exercises.

2. Iceberg Identity Exercise - Summary: This activity, done individually or in your group, invites you to reflect on different aspects of your identity that inform how you experience and are seen in the world. You’ll need paper and pen to complete it.

3. Cultural Connection Conversation Starters - Description: This exercise invites your group to explore traditions of significance and to connect across differences.

4. Burnout Questionnaire - Summary: This questionnaire is designed to help you self-assess your level of burnout. It does not replace the need for professional assessment or support.

5. Develop a Burnout Scale - Summary: This exercise walks you through the creation of a personalized burnout and restoration scale. The scale is a tool that can help you better notice and prevent significant stress and burnout in your sponsorship year. This exercise can be done as a group or individually. You will need to print off or draw the graduated scale below.

6. Responding to Burnout - Summary: This resource offers 1) a set of questions you can ask to prevent burnout on an individual level and 2) a set of institutional conditions that help prevent burnout.

7. Create a Group Contract - Summary: This exercise asks you to reflect on, and then discuss, your expectations of, goals for, and contributions to the group. It then outlines steps to create a contract.

8. Communication Styles Activity - Description: This activity invites your group to experience different communication styles through an interactive game.

9. Avoid conflict escalation:: Take the pulse of the conversation - Summary: This resource is adapted from Motivational Interviewing (Miller & Rollnick, 2013). It provides a tool to help you avoid conflict escalation and the buildup of resentment. This informational resource can be easily read individually.

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