Iceberg Identity Exercise
Summary: This activity, done individually or in your group, invites you to reflect on different aspects of your identity that inform how you experience and are seen in the world. You’ll need paper and pen to complete it.

Instructions: Draw an iceberg like the one above, with part of the iceberg above the waterline and part of the iceberg below. Working individually, in the part above the waterline of visibility, write down different aspects of your identity that might be more visible to people you meet. Then, in the part below the waterline, write down aspects that are not visible. If it’s helpful, use the categories in the picture above for inspiration.

Reflect on the process of drawing the icebergs: What surprised you? In what spaces do you experience safety and protection where someone with different visible identities might not? How might it be possible for someone to hold misconceptions about you based on your (in)visible identities? What assumptions could you make about the newcomer(s) based on their visible and invisible identities?



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