Police Checks
AURA requires a copy of a recent police check for each member of the sponsor group that will have an active role in supporting the family/individual directly, or provide temporary housing. This is part of our responsibility in assessing each group and taking responsibility for the applications submitted to the government. Clergy are exempt, but we cannot make any other exceptions.

Type: We only need the basic, Level 1 police check. We do not require the vulnerable sector check, although we gladly accept them.

Validity: We consider them valid for 3 years, and they must be valid throughout the 1 year sponsorship. So, we can accept one that is 2 years old if the arrival is imminent, but if the arrival is far off, we ask that you get a new one that will remain valid for the sponsorship period, so we do not have to request a new one partway through.

Copies: We only need a copy, you can send them to us by email (scans or good quality pictures). We also accept copies of police checks acquired for other work/volunteer activities.

In Toronto: Apply for a Criminal Record Check (Clearance Letter) online, they cost $20: https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/background-checks/online-application-form.php

Outside Toronto: You must have a police check done according to your address, so contact your local police or OPP. If they do checks for free for volunteers, we will gladly write you a letter.

Through the Parish: Many Anglican parishes can apply for a record check for you, and the Diocese will produce a clearance letter. In this case, we require a copy of the letter only.

Please send us police checks at the same time if possible (to help us stay organized).

Thank you.



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