Committee Requirements
Sponsor Group Requirements:
As a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, it is our job to screen our sponsor groups. Therefore, every group working through AURA must comply with the following requirements:

1. Settlement Training Session
Before your sponsorship year begins, AURA will meet with your group for a Settlement Training Session. We also hold open Training Sessions for new members, members wanting a refresher, or prospective sponsors wishing to learn more. Contact AURA to request one or learn about the schedule.

It is important for all members to attend a session prior to the sponsorship beginning.

2. Contact Information
Before AURA can submit an application, we need a list of all committee members and their complete contact information (mailing address, phone and email), and a valid police check. Please send us all the information together, if possible.

3. Police Checks
AURA requires a copy of a recent police check for each member of the sponsor group that will have an active role in supporting the family/individual directly, or provide temporary housing. How do you know if someone needs a police check? Ask this question: “Will this person have direct contact with the refugee newcomer(s) to provide support related to the sponsorship program?” If your answer is yes, then yes, they need a police check.

• Regular Background Checks: We accept any level of police record check (also called background check, clearance letter).
• Vulnerable Sector Checks: We do not require a Vulnerable Sector check, however your group may prefer this, and we recommend it.

We consider Police Checks valid for 3 years, and they must be valid throughout the 1 year sponsorship. So, we can accept one that is 2 years old if the arrival is imminent, but if the arrival is far off, we ask that you get a new one that will remain valid for the sponsorship period, so we do not have to request a new one partway through.

We only need a copy, you can send them to us by email (scans or good quality pictures). We also accept copies of police checks you may have from other work/volunteer activities.

How to get them:
In Toronto:
• Regular Background Check: Apply for a Criminal Record Check (Clearance Letter) online, You need 2 pieces of ID and a credit card (cost $20). Click here:
• Vulnerable Sector Check: AURA is registered as a referring agency with the Toronto Police, and can get Vulnerable Sector checks completed for you. To do this, group members must come personally to the AURA office, complete a quick form, and pay $20.
AURA submits the form directly to the police and the results are mailed to the group member, who will then need to scan or bring AURA a copy. Contact AURA for help.

Outside Toronto:
You must have a police check done according to your address, so contact your local police or OPP. If they do checks for free for volunteers, we will gladly write you a letter.

Through the Parish: Many Anglican parishes can apply for a record check for you, and the Diocese will produce a clearance letter. In this case, we require a copy of the letter only.

Please send us police checks at the same time if possible (we have a lot of sponsors, so it’s very helpful to get the police checks together).



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