1. Google Translate:
An online voice and text translation tool to help people who speak different languages communicate.

2. Word Reference:
An excellent online dictionary.

Language Assessment and Referral Centres:
Where initial language assessment and referral to classes take place.

3. In Toronto - The YMCA

4. In York, Simcoe and Durham: The Centre for Education & Training

5. Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC):
Government funded English classes for Permanent Residents.

6. Language Portal of Canada:
Access free tools to improve your knowledge of English.

7. The Canadian Language Benchmark Online Self Assessment tool allows people to unofficially assess their ESL level.

8. Professional Interpreters from Access Alliance:
This Community Health Centre/ Settlement Agency has professional interpreters and charges for services. All proceeds are invested back into the organization.

9. MCIS:
Professional translation and interpretation services in 300+ languages