Sponsorship Handbook
Our Refugee Sponsorship Handbook has been recently updated. This resource is designed to help plan and carry out a successful refugee sponsorship as effectively as possible.

You can also download the entire AURA Sponsorship Handbook above or clicking here to download the PDF.

The AURA Handbook covers the following topics:
Sponsor Responsibilities Page 3
AURA Responsibilities Page 4

Financial Obligations:
The Cost of Sponsorship Page 6
Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) Page 7
Finances - Pre Arrival Page 8
Finances - Post Arrival Page 9
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Page 10
Immigration Loans Page11

Important Concepts:
Managing Expectations Page 12
Power Imbalance and Self-Determination Page 14
Privacy and Confidentiality Page 15

Housing Page 16
Arrival Page 18
Social Insurance Number Page 19
Permanent Resident Card Page 20
Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) Page 21
Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) Page 22



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